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   Gym, massages, solarium, sauna, individual Karate training - this is all what Fitness centre "Villy" offers.

   Established on the 17th of April, 2006, it is situated in the very centre of Burgas - Aleksandrovska Street No 87, which is the busiest business street in the city.

   The fitness centre is equipped with professional apparatus. Your good training is ånsured by the instructor, whose guidance you will be under. If you would like to relax with a massage, the rehabilitation therapist will take care of you. You can maintain complections at any time of the year as soon as you visit the solarium. And those who are interested in marshal arts, can be given basic knowledge in the area of Karate. We also offer individual respiratory exercises, which will improve you physical condition.

   Cleanness, comfort, calmness and personal relation to all new to the fitness centre - this is our duty!

The Choice is yours!

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